Thursday, November 3, 2011

tons more new zines! + upcoming readings

I have a ton of new zines in the catalog! Check it out at

I'll be doing a couple readings in NYC in December - on the 5th at Pratt and on the 6th at the New School!


chris said...

cindy, are you interested in doing a broader reading tour than just NYC? i'm involved at a relatively new radical social center ("Libertalia") + zine library ("Use Your Words") here in providence RI, just a few hours out of the city, and we would be THRILLED to host a reading, workshop, talk, whatever, here. we can't guarantee an amount of money, but would split what comes in at the door. it's a great community! i'll email you too -- or if you see this first, please contact us at libertalia401@g mail dot com.

objetpetit said...

Cindy!!! You're going to be in NY in December!?! Psyched. If I can swing it I'll be coming to both readings. Hope you're well.

doriszine said...

Andrew! Oh, I was just thinking of trying to call you to meet up! This is Andrew from JC, right?
Let's make a plan. I don't know if I have your phone number.

objetpetit said...

Cindy! Yep, Andrew from JC. Indeed, we should make a plan. I'll email you my phone number.