Sunday, September 1, 2013

More New Zines

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Jane: Documents fro Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973
A great introduction to this group of women who defied the laws against abortion. "A beautiful example that battles can be won without begging. This collection may not only be viewed in terms of abortion rights, or even strictly in terms of the stuggle for women to have control over their own bodies, but also in terms of any group of peoploe faced with the force of authority attempting to control their lives."

Janebill: Keesha and Joanie and JANE:
Written by Judith Arcana, one of the members of the JANE collective that provided abortions when they were illegal, this is a short play set in the near future, when Roe v. Wade is overturned. A group of women trying to figure out what to do invites JANE members to discuss ideas, memories, and strategies. A great starting point for our own discussions about what to do about the increasing limitations on abortion access.
Free To Choose: A Women's Guide to Reproductive Freedom
this pamplet includes: A Question of Access, Let's Not Go Back to the Bad Old Days, The Abortion Handbook, This is Jane, and a great introduction to Menstrual Extraction.

What To Keep, What to Give Away #1
personal writing about abuse - trying to change pattterns like kissing someone and then knowing that they won't be able to say no and it will always lead to sex. Looking at the ways rape culture is perpetuated, entitlement, race. Audre Lorde, power dynamics, slut shaming of self. Self love. Very personal and insightful.
Telegram #28
Another great issue of this zine about mental health. This issue is also about Miranda coming out with their book! (which everyone should have, it's so great). Also about "reclaiming and em bracing "crazy" and capital C Crazy identity, happiness as a process rather than a goal, going on tour, witchy punx club, and much mor

Self-Care for Zinesters
written by the excellent Maranda Elizabeth of Telegram zine, about being an introvert, going to zine fairs, tips for self-care on the road, at zinefests, returning home, includes survival advice (like bring snacks) and deep advice about overextending yourself, saying no, participating and reaching out to people who intimidate you. 

No Gods No Mattress #19
Enola is one of my very favorite zine writers. Their zine is thick and full of strange stories, dreams, painful and brave stories of sexual abuse, therapy, the Courage to Heal, body image, friendship stories, camping and riding trains, raw panic hyperventilating after eating weed food accidentally, I love the drawings in this zine, the way it draws you in so completely, and that Enola can writing about hopping trains without sounding one bit like an irritating wantabe hobo, but really catches the heart of it all - including the friends, the connectedness, the life.

The Adventures of Cublet Dvorsky
Sweet writing about crushes, mental health, frienship. Also a thoughful story about violence, mental health, anarchism and trauma - being a queer, trans, female socialized young person from a working class background, and looking at how their ideas about non-violence and fighting back are changing - including protesting. 

Blind Date and Cyborg Sweetie
An excellent zine written by two people - one (my friend David) who is visually impaired and Alana who has type 1 diabetes. it's about "...moving through the world with conditions that are often invisible to others, negotiating with our bodies to get through the day..." stories about their disability and illness histories, and being in a relationship. Super good!

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