Friday, January 6, 2017

Microcosm continues to print Learning Good Consent and Support without rights. I have sent a cease and desist, and they ignore it. I do not support Microcosm nor do I work with them. Anything they do with my work is against my wishes.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New zines at
Cometbus 57
Aaron is a really amazing interviewer, and even though I don't know a lot of these comic artists, this issue tells a whole nother story - about art and community and what we say and what we don't say. why we do what we do. woven togehter in Aaron's tapestry way. ...for those of you who know comic artists names, this issue includes interviews with "Gary Panter, Julia Wertz, Ben Katchor, Adrian Tomine, and Gabrielle Bell, but also comics scholars, publishers, shopkeepers, and librarians. Featuring beautiful illustrations by Nate Powell, a wraparound cover by Jeffrey Lewis, and a breathtaking Al Jaffee interview that ties it all together in the end."
BACK IN STOCK : Cometbus #55 Pen Pals
(secretly partially about me). It gets at the sorrow and placenesses of living in a world where the punks and leftists of the past have not really passed on their insights or provided a groundwork for us to stand on. Punk friendship-love and how it draws out the sides of us we can't express or see.

Seams and Story II : Autobiography in Lungs
Poems by Wren Awry - Wren Awry is a queer, neuroatypical writer living in Tucson. They write about fairy tales, food, literature, ecology, history and film from an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist perspective

Secondhand emotion 2 navigating the politics of attraction in late capitalism through a nihilistic feminist lens
Great issue - deep and personal. The Shame spiral, Happiness is something that happens to other people, white supremacist beauty standards, politics of desire, manslaining, hypersexuality and granny panties, survival, self-knowledge, boundaries, jealousy and social media, rape and coercive assault, healing. So powerful! 
BACK IN STOCK: Secondhand Emotion: a zine about love, anxiety, gender, race, and feelings
Beautifully written zine about romantic love -- "a cultural exploration of why women are encouraged to have anxiety aabout love..." This zine talks about her childhood and the lack of positive models of romantic relationships, the culture's fear and fetishization of black women's sexuality, tryikng to maintain a desecualized image -- women's friendship, internalized racism, trying to de-center men's approval and emotions, POC radical fashion, and so much more!
Cut and paste riot grrrl style, "using the medium of collage to explore a life lived wearing the female sex, and what that is: surprise, embarrassment, obedience, pleasure, revulsion, cravings, the confusion of appearances, cultureal and social traditions laying claim to inevitability of becoming, denial, guilt, sensation, representations..." I love it

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Doris #32
A sweet mixture of stories about femininity training and conversationalists and making a more meaningful happier life, death and creativity, the first of an interview series on anarchists over 40, book reviews, a letter from Marius Mason, green scare trans prisoner, about music and indicator species. 

Animal Liberation/Animal Celebration Postcards #1 Set of 8 postcards painted by Green Scare political prisoner Marius Mason. Images include brown bat, harbor seals, elephants, brumbies, mouse, Tilikum, krill, and a beautiful painting about the interrelationship between Elk and Wolf. All procedes go to Marius to help meet his basic needs in prison.

Everyday Magic #3: Love

Another beautiful issue. Each page is dedicated to a healing plant, with a story that connects to it. Becoming real, healing from abuse, building something solid, birth, loss, release. roses, cedar, mullein...

Telegram #39
Telegram 39 is about examining the ways poverty, trauma and chronic pain shape & alter & distort perceptions of self, body and imagination. Being ok with not belonging, surviving under capitalism. falling&praying&breathing. Story-telling, story-exploring, storying. Asking questions. (from intro)

No Gods No Mattress #27
Touring, trama, magic, toxic housemates, living in yr van, stories about monsters and friends and little things and huge things. I love No Gods No Mattress!

Dirty Love #1
Learning to love parts of self that have been trained to hate. What is love? What would it mean for someone to love you? Introversion and anxiety. Wanting to create movements based in radical love.

Haay Hottie: Consent and Communication & Boundary Setting in Party Spaces. a workshop/workbook zine
"...Boundaries are often context-based, and we felt that talking about consent can look different in spaces that are sweaty, rowdy, in which there is substance use, and / or in which “hooking up” is a social norm...This is a workshop / workbook zine that can be conducted either alone or with a group...Topics covered in this workshop / workbook zine include (but are not limited to): re-defining sex & sex positivity, reflecting upon what party settings feel safe & unsafe, boundary setting activities, communication (verbal & non-verbal, during & outside of sex), consent & communication as in pertains to bdsm & kink, boundaries pertaining to substance use, accountability, responding to issues of boundary crossing." (from Hoax distro etsy store website)

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #3
Sobriety, using and trama and hypersexuality, abstinence and harm reduction, 12 steps, ritual, queerness, growth.

Hoax 10: Feminisms and Embodiments
Another really thick issue, covering more topics that I could ever explain. Including: (from Hoax website) Problematizing language, the concept of “nature,” and autonomy in bodily alterations by a biomedical engineer and trans woman. Dancing as a catalyst for critical thought on the uses and movements of one’s body as a post-heterosexual black woman. Making peace with one’s physical mouth as a metaphor for learning to spit out cultural and social toxins and reclaim one’s voice. Struggling with identity, diaspora, loss of language, and the concept of being a “good Indian”. Writing for a college creative course about the experience of having an abortion and knowing that one’s words are being scrutinized. Trans femininity and troubling notions of agender identity as a self-described bearded (man)lady. A slam poem addressing a trans woman’s relationship with her father. Living with an STI and getting a tattoo as a form of reclamation of it. Performing a non-binary gender and facing incongruities between self-definitions and perceptions by others

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New zines at

Ugly Glasses
Intense zine about having being stalked, 15 years after having being sexually assaulted and stalked by the person. Ways he manipulated her when she was 19; being a survivor, and the way the manipulation makes it hard to know No -- how saying No is no longer empowering when it has been said so many times -- how difficult it becomes to know what is normal or appropriate behavior. Working and taking steps to feel safe in spite of his return to stalking, including telling her boss and making a plan for if he showed up there. "The more people I tell, the safer I am. 

Cometbus #56: A Bestiary of Booksellers
A giant new issue of Cometbus, with each chapter obstensibly about another NY bookseller, but about way more than that, of course. Somehow it brings all Aaron's obsessions together: community, urban anthropology, books, girls, tradition, creating our own lives outside social views of "success," code names, being remembered, being forgotten, the artist and the underground, and a ton of weird, funny slights and jokes that I always wonder if other people understand. I love this issue. 

First Tour Problems
Ever wondering what it's like to be a girl and tour-manager and sound person for a metal-core band? Here you go. Pretty interesting, way more interesting than a regular tour diary because it's about way more. 

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #1
Written by Geoff (Nobody cares) and Clemintine (Sea Witch) this zine is an "invitation for further exploration, honesty, communication and dialoge" around drug and alcohol addiction. Both writers are sober addicts, reflecting on their own past use and the implications it had on their lives. Includes thoughtful questions about your relationship to substances, including questions about the criminilization of certain types of addicts. Trauma and triggers. Being starved of "the right to envision and experience sexuality as sane and safe, as wild and mine..." Healing.

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #2
"...part of the ongoing conversation around addiction, intoxication culture and accessiblity." includes articles "drinking the glue that holds us together," about politically and critically analyzing intoxication culture, and how it's about more than creating sober spaces; intoxication and (lack of) consent; and more. 

Hoax #10: feminisms and embodiments
"How are class, gender, race and other identity markers represented within and by our physical bodies? How can we controt our bodies to navigate our enviornments in ways that feel affirmative and safe? What does it look like to fully embody the values of anti-capitalist, anti-racist, queer, feminsit praxis? How are the body and the mind interconnected and what strategies can we employ to heal both simultaneously?..." Another thick, full issue of this great feminist compilation zine

Seawitch #1 - 6
A beautiful zines of stories made with "love hope and courage".. "This zine contains discussion of addiction/alcoholism, ptsd, depression, self-injury, trauma, violence and child abuse." Includes stories about trying to make friends, being afraid to make friends. Polyamoury and trust. Queerness and playing with identity. Femme as a feeling and loving the different ways of femme. Learning new habits. Finding safty in the wilderness escaping from the house of incest. Witchiness and paganism, and what does it mean to be witches on colonized land.

Nobody Cares: Pieces to Pathways
Being a sober queer addict, and wanting people to know that sober queers do exist, it is a possiblity. Mixing: being vegetarian with eating Fillipino food, having PTSD and Amphetamine induced persistent psychosis with working to focus enough to read -- being a visual learner -- discovering their writing voice, mixing selfies and theory of the body.

Beast Grrl #1 - 4
Created by a group of teenage girls in Balitmore, this zine is strong and powerful, including a manifesto of feminism which prioratizes connecting with other girls with support, articles, stories and art about women in history, youth activism, body image and more

How to Sleep
A guide to sleeping. If you want to sleep better, remember your dreams, wake without an alarm, grow in self-awareness... this zine has ideas. About sleeping, awareness, creating space inside and outside ourselves. It's more than a practical guide, but I'm not really sure how to describe it.

Friday, December 12, 2014

New Zines at

Always and Forever: A Zine About Friendship
A compilation of stories about friendship. "Stories and comics about friendships lost, about the difficulties of making new friends as an adult, about creating solid friendships, about friends as intentional community and so much more."

Quiet Riot: aka: The Shy Sober Kid Zine
A compilation of stories from people about shyness, anxiety, being sober, and finding ways to cultivate joy and confidence, self-awareness, and more. 

Dig Deep #6
A new issue of this great zine by Heather who is one of the organizers of the Chicago Zine fest, and runs the Stranger Danger distro. It's about figuring out what matters in life and how to honr those things... including stories about growing older and growing into self; friends and zine fests, why you make things, street harassment (yelling "EWW GROSS..." right in a harassers face).

These Tiny Infinite Things: An Inquiry into Names and Re-naming
a book of 18 interviews / a collection of conversations with people about names and renaming: why people change their names, how name connects to identity and the cultures the people are connected to, and so much more. It's super interesting. 

Everyday Magic #2: between
magic, oppression, white supremacy, ritual healing, capitalism, queers, apocalypse, bodies, betwixt.

Deafula #6 tour stories
Kerri goes on zine tour with 3 other awsome zinestresses. Stories about places they went, people they met, readings, collectives, being on the panel at the Chicago Zine Fest, and reflections on the challenges of hearing people being in constant accomodation-mode. and sweet things that people did: someone giving her their zine and telling her which part they were going to read so she could read along; friends shining their phone on their lips when they're talking in the dark so she can read their lips. 

Deafula #7: welcome to deafula
Disability and accesibility in our communities.

Transplants: Sowing the Seed of Gender in the Garden
"A working curriculum, aimed at young people, seeking to incorporate conversations about gender oppression into a gardent/farm education context. What stories do the plants we work with tell us? What clues to human nature and human history can we fine in them? How can plants teach us to honor the inherent magic within each individual living being on earth?" Includes: Guidelines: Learning the History: Making the Connections: Generating Common Language around Gender: Using Plants to tell Stories: Activities: Resources. 

Imaginary Windows #4
Bike stories, figuring out how to be their queer high-femme self and perform gender while also riding thier bike, getting stronger, mapping the city, femme invisibility; and a bunch of other interesting stuff: mail being delivered by pneumatic tubes, sound art, receipes, the artist Tanyth Berkeley. I love this kind of eclectic zine. My favorite kind.

Imaginary Windows #6
My favorite kind of zine, good writing and lots of topics: living in New Zealand and Halifax, handstands and circuses, femme identity and being genderqueer. Angela Carter, Lynda Barry (my favorite artist!), fermentation, tarot. 

The Seams and the Story Goodbye to All That
One of my current favorites: Tompkins Square Park, Ragtime, growing up in NYC.

Mental Health Cookbook: Creating Connection with Food and Herbs
Thick and beautiful zine that is much more than a cookbook. Chapters are: Back to Basics. Live Foods. Cultured Foods. Wild Foods. Medicinal Herbs. Good policital anaysis and thoughts about how healing acts can strengthen our ability to do the work of social change. The live foods section has sprouting directions, which I used to delicious results. The cultivated foods has a good section on city gardening and composting. Written by the author of "Everyday Magic." 

Laid Stuff I wish I'd known about SEX before I started having it
mini zine about exactly what it says it's about, written by Sarah who wrote "Dangerous Damsels" (and a bunch of zines below). Info on masturbation, your first time, sex feeling good and how it doesn't always feel good, learning to communicate, self image, saying no, being queer, and more. Tons of stuff piled into this tiny little zine.

Better Days: Stuff that helps with all this anxiety
cute drawings chronically the things sarah does to help with anxiety, from holding her pet hedgehog to staying up late, to focusing on a friend, finding some structure, and more. Inspiring. Makes me want to make one too. 

Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric #16: Saying Goodbye
Stories about growing up in Tazewell (rural) Virginia, and recounting her 23 year long friendship with her best friend - starting at age 10, some really funny stories, some really sad. I love thinking about knowing someone for that long, and tracing back your life in connection with a friend like that.

No Gods No Mattress #22: what grew in the place of my losses
Super thick, like 114 pages, new issue! Being a goth, witchy abuse survivor traveling and hitchhiking around through LA, Joshua Tree, Flagstaff, Tucson, Miami Beach, Lake Worth and more! learning about desert plants, heartbreak, dancing, the similarity between being posi and being in denial, healing, warmpth, abandon mansions, adventures, old friends and new. 

Safe Home #1: Thoughts and Stories about home and friendship
A new zine by Sarah of Tazewell's... This issues is about finding a way to make a Safe Home in Philladelphia, after growing up in one that wasn't. about how scary it was to move to a city, trying to find ways to fit in or find people to relate to, working as a professional balloon artist and dating girls. "May be the safest homes are communities based on mutual support and respect..." finding a life that she never knew she could want because she didn't know it existed.

A Practical Guide to Fighting Monsters: winning against the enemies of your heart and your head.
I love this zine. Each page is a funny picture of a monster, what it does, what it's weakness is, and a quote. Like Blue Phunk, N. Sentient, Toady Brownnoser, Vex Tantrum. Super funny and good way to identify problematic self tendencies and how to combat them with humor. 

Summertime "Summertime: A Graphic Novella in 4 parts, is a beautiful, heartbreaking and redemptive tale of sex, violence, punk, love, self-destruction and survival. Not to mentions Ginas drawings, all skillfully done in ball-point pen are just plain awe inspiring." review from Mend My Dress website, I agree!

It's Alright: A Truckface Anthology v. 2
Everyone thinking of becoming a highschool teacher should read this anthology! "Through strikes, standardized testing, violence, bouffant wigs, school closings, and drawings of wieners, Truckface documents the life of one Chicago public school teacher. Simultaneously hopeful and hopeless, this volume contains Issues 12-16" (from MMD website). 

It's Alright: A Truckface Anthology v. 1
I don't think I had ever read the earlier issues of one of my favorite zines. I only knew LB after they became a teacher. This book chronicals her messy, messed up, disgusing, beautiful life. "From scooping chicken salads to selling clothes to shelving books to teacher training, Truckface details years of embarrassment and missteps.This volume contains stories of rowdy backyard brawls, awful customer service, awkward social interactions, underpants dance parties, staying angry and learning how to try.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

new zines including Doris #31

order from my website at

Doris #31
Squatting on Cape Cod in the winter, freedom dreams, learning to build houses, raising lambs, death, reparations, and the usual way doris talks about a million hopeful and sad things all at once.

Blackout #3 :interiors
"Blackout is a zine about memory. Named for what I've lost to trauma." In this issue of Blackout, Tara writes about an abusive relationship in order to organize their experience, manage the overwhelming muddled feelings, and also because there are so few good resources about emotional abuse, particularly ones that go beyond describing emotionally abuse behavior patterns to explore what it actually looks like, feels like. This is a powerful and excellent zine! 

No Better than Apples #10
Always such a beautiful and haunting zine. This issue talks about friendship, connection, love, the unspoken, remission, having multiple sclerosis, playing music, writing songs, being messy in so many ways, wanting to kill their friend's abuser, "I will drive wherever I have to to make my friends feel safe, I will walk them to their cars every night, I will feel rage and fold it into myself and let it burn clean out, I will get all pink and think about the ment, I will never ever forget."

My Mirage: A zine about body image
11 essays/stories about body image by a bunch of great writers. Stories about being heavy and loving their body and the challenge of going to the spa; Critiques of "women's fitness"; breasts; scars; shaving; weight watchers; fatphobia; self love, and more! 

Ex Masculus: Critical Reflections on Pro-Feminist Men's Groups
A great resource! These group of essays by a bunch of different people include: reflections from the long standing Oakland Men's Project; Problems with men's groups not going deep enough or using feminism as an "I'm cool" card; Reflections on how to being to think about motivations and reasons to really committ to doing the work of dismantling patriarchy inside and out; Ideas about gender inclusive anti-patriarchy groups; Keeping Men's Work Accountable; Moving Past our Own Borders (by the excellent Anna Vo), and Recommendations for People Trying to Start Radical Men's Groups. and more.

Fat-tastic: A Body Positivity Zine #3
A great collection of stories: Internalized fat hatred, and working to filter it out; critiques of capitalism and misogyny, great drawings and self-portraits; Things Not to Say to Fat People and Things TO Say; Going to the Gynecologist; a story about being small and very thin and mistaken for a child; On Being Naked; Steping outside comfort zones. 

Fat-tastic: A Compilation zine about Loving Your Body #1
The first issue of the great zine! Includes the essays/stories "Fat Math: The Equation of Self-Love," weight versus wellness; patriarchy and the media; an love/apology letter to the body; parents patroling weight; great artwork and self-portraits; a daughter dealing with judgements in school; DIY positive affirmation cards, and more!

You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania #9 Two Years of Sobriety
Sari reflects on two years of sobriety. They quit drinking because of bad experiences, family history, the desire to create more space to "investigate some heavy and hurful feelings and memories," and because their family had a long history of alcholism, abuse and suicide, and Sari wasn't addicted YET. They write about the "hardships, mistakes, lessons learned and positive experiences" they've gone through in sobriety, working to open the door to "communicating about the topic with folks who are sober, interested in becoming sober, or empathetic to those who are sober." 

You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania #7 On Queerness, Introversion and Friendship Theory
Text heavy, great zine about so many things: Valuing friendship, the Myth of the Good Friend (worrying about being a good friend, different support different people are able/unable to give, the BFF catagory, what it means to be a friend), being sober, introverted and trying to make friends (to go online or not), Friends with/out benefits (platonic frienships, dealing with years of non-consentual sex, being trans, setting boundries), Boundries, Choices and Limitations, and so much more

Hoax #7 Feminisms and Change
Another great thick issue! Exploring "What are our goals for ourselves and our communities? Which methods do we use to gauge change and it progress ever quantifiable? In shwat ways do we knowingly and unknowingly showcase personal changes and how are these changes read by others?" includes a bunch of great essays and reflections! Includes: "Fat is Still A Feminist Issue," "White Activism as Performance," "Blood Alchohol Content: On Family, Assault, and Giving Up Drinking," and a whole ton of others great topics! 

Hoax #8 Feminisms and Mythologies
What is the role of storytelling and folklore in supporting women's and trans* narratives? When do we keep and when do we discard traditions? How do we confront myths about sexuality, diversity, change and progress within our communities? Where do societal norms and values end and our desires begin? and more!

Hoax #9 Feminisms and Vulnerabilies
A ton of really great, powerful essays! How can vulnerability be used as a tactic for individual empowerment and social change? How do we establish healthy boundaries in the conxtext of community building work, and when does it become important to push ourselves past our designated limits? How do class, race, gender, and other markers of oppression and privilege influence our ability to ask for help and receive services and accommodations?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

masculinity zine - role models

I'm working on a zine about masculinity, changing patriarchal masculinity.
A lot of us know someone who somehow challenged the stereotype of patriarchal masculinity, even if they didn't challenge it in every way. I'm looking for stories – you don't have to be able to really even tell a story, and you don't have to write a story – because I know that most people don't have the time to really sit down and write. What I'm thinking is I could interview people.

You could answer one or more of these questions:

  1. Did you, as a child or teen, have anyone in your life who challenged patriarchal masculinity in any way – for example, wasn't afraid to cry or show affection. (even if they were patriarchal in other ways)
  2. Did/do you have a male role model, either a real person in your life or a public/artistic figure. What aspects of that person inspires you.
  3. Describe an event or moment when you realized you had to cut off some aspect of yourself in order to conform with social or family expectations of what it meant to “be a man” (or, if they did not see you as male, a time when you had to suppress your true self in order to fit as not a man)
  4. Describe a time or event when you defied social expectations of what it means to be “a man.” This could be one moment or a whole life shift.
Options for how the story would be told:
  1. You could write it
  2. I could interview you (in person or over the phone or web chat) and then transcribe the interview word for word.
  3. I could interview you (in person or over the phone or web chat) and then create a written story from the information, which you then would have the chance to look over and change or approve.
Also, if you are doing the role model question and have any images of the person, I'd love to have a copy to reprint.

I know it can be strangely scary to think about these things, but we really need to begin to articulate a vision of positive masculinity.

“The crisis facing men is not the crisis of masculinity, it is the crisis of patriarchal masculinity. Until we make this distinction clear, men will continue to fear that any critique of patriarchy represents a threat...”
– bell hooks