Sunday, November 27, 2011

up coming E.Coast and W.Coast readings

Upcoming Events:
Sun Dec 4, Providence RI. 280 Broadway, 6:00 zine readings!
Monday Dec 5, Pratt, Brooklyn reading and talk
Tuesday Dec 6 New School, NYC. 6E 16th St room 1107, 8:00pm reading and talk

tenative dates and venues:
Feb 26-29 various Bay Area readings - Rock Paper Scissors, Modern Times, etc. stay tuned for dates and times

March 9, Friday Portland OR, Reading Frenzy
March 10, Sat. Olympia WA Public Library, zine writing workshop
March 11, Sun. Olympia - Evergreen College, reading and talk
March 12, Monday. Seattle WA - Left Bank Books, zine readings

more new zines

more new zines available at my distro

Shotgun Seamstress Fanzine #6
The last issue of one of my very favorite zines Shotgun Seamstress!!! a zine for, by and about Black punks, queers, feminist, artists, musicians and activists. Issue #6 includes an interview with the band Trash Kit, a conversation with Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha. A really excellent and interesting interview with a woman who owns a tattoo shop in New Orleans. A great Manifesta, an article/story about punks in Rio de Janerio, and a bunch more!!! So good!

Butch nor Femme #1
Thoughtful zine about various things they've been trying to sort through: the word "fucked", an ex-friend yelling at them in public, some sweet stories, and a powerful and brave piece called "I got what I wanted" about being manipulative in sex. I am particularly grateful for this story! I know it will help lots of people realize behavior patterns and begin to change!

Butch nor Femme #2
Loving Femme, but not being femme, and wanting other ways of being feminine to be seen. Sleeping with their cock on for the first time. "For me, the idea that I'm actually OK as I am, that there is nothing "wrong" with me or what I want/need, is shocking and a bit revolutionary." Quitting their Facebook account - thinking about how they want to interact with people. Even though I don't use social media, I thought this was interesting, especially because they still use tumblr and twitter - so it's not an anti-social media thing or a political-against-Facebook thing, but rather a real look at how Facebook affects their life.

a zine about quitting drinking. "Not drinking hasn't fixed all of the broken parts inside of me, but I don't feel like such a secretive mess..." Interesting little section about weird things to drink other than booze. Anxiety and social situations, learning to deal with impatience. books that helped.

Cat Power #1: a Riot Grrrl Zine
critiques of mass culture images and messages - this zine starts with a reprint of Kathleen Hanna's Riot Grrrl Manifesto (which I've always loved) and continues on to critiques of Lady Gaga's use of gang rape imagery, the food industries manipulation of our food sources (GMS's, advertizing, etc), gender, body image, American Apparels soft-core porn advertising and the sexist, abusive CEO of the company, and a beautiful creative fiction piece called "In Which We Battle Pink Robots".

Cat Power issue #2
Cassie writes about how she started this zine for two reasons: because she wanted more girls to have an outlet and to get involved with things they love, and also because she hated being a girl and wanted to change that. This issue includes a celebration of body hair, a story about being forced by society to perform as male and how much social pressure there is when you're seen as a guy to be disgusted by all things "feminine", also an article about being a woman bassist in a male dominated music scene and more.

Reimagining Queer Community
"...a personal investigation into (their) evolving relationship to the term queer ... the myth of cohesive queer communities, being a spectator versus being a participant, queer histories, and potential strategies to build alliances." plus queer theory academia derailing social justice conversations - and how fucking horrible and telling it was that they majored in queer studies and never learned about HIV/AIDS, the horror of it and the activism around it.

Hyena in Petticoats: A Mary Wollstonecraft Zine
This thick zine is all about the amazing writer, feminist, activist from the 18th century and her family. Mary Wollstonecraft wrote the excellent "Vindication of the Rights of Women," and mother to Mary Shelly (was wrote Frankenstein when she was 18). Their stories are really interesting! Written by Alexis Wolf of Ilse Content zine.

Ghost Pine #10: Wires
includes an installment of a hysterical story about high school - gym class, punk, a bunch of really funny characters. Also a sweet story about staying in a tent on a San Francisco rooftop, and going to a generator show that where the generator doesn't show up, so instead they help some people who are getting evicted.

Ghost Pine #11: Crows
Another installment of the high school story "The Social Justice Club". Plus sweet little vignettes of friends and love, office spaces, writing, suburban diners, punk

Ghost Pine #12: Water

Sunday, November 6, 2011

new zines

Stunned Lungs
If you have ever read the poet Shannon Olds, you know how poetry can tell a story stronger than a story itself. That's what this zine is like. If you like poetry at all, you should get this. It is amazing. The poems tell a story of their mothers home a feeling of vertigo and suffocation; a story of body and sex, and such deep everything you really must read it.

You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania #4
Really open discussion of relationship stuff that a lot of us go through - trying to break the cycle of managing the pain of breaking up by finding a new relationship. The identity crisis that can happen when you identify as queer but your relationship is seen by the world as hetero. Coming out as trans and the lack of support within some feminist circles, support from zine readers and their partner, and asking friends to use nutral pronouns.

You've got a Friend in Pennsylvania #5
Working in an organic produce packing coop and dealing with racism and sexism, being trans but not out at work, learning to pick your battles.

Telegram Ma'am
I wish Miranda lived here so we could be friends and have writing group together. Their Ine is the kind of zine that made me want to start writing zines in the first place. They write about their personal experiences with enough distance and care that they become not purging, but rather small maps that can help us to look at our own lives and the beauty of how we survive and become more fully the people we want to become.

Telegram Ma'am: Stealing Lilacs
Miranda talks about really serious things with such honest and enough humor to make it joyful to read even when it is about being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, spending time in a treatment center for anxiety and depression, getting sober, coming out as gender queer. There's a great article called "Be Your Own Therapist," which discusses creativity, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, the ER, and letting go.

Moon Root: an exploration of Asian Womyn's Bodies
issue #1. Seven writers explore, in verse, story and essay issues of body, history, assimilation, racism, politics and family and secrets and queerness and gender and identity and more. Super beautiful and powerful work!

Ship of Fools
I love this comic zine! I like how each issue gets more complex, both drawings and content, just like life.

Hoax #5: Feminism and Community
Exploring the topic of community. Articles about Queer land movements, dealing with being jealous of other girls, "Saved By Rock and Roll", The International Girl Gang Undergound, supporting emerging feminists, and much more

Figure 8
I am so happy to finally be carrying this zine in my distro! It has been one of my favorite zines for awhile now - a zine "devoted to the radical idea of fat liberation and fighting sizism"

Summertime #1: A Graphic Novel If I had been a comic artist instead of a writer, there's a time in my life when I probably would have drawn a zine a lot like this one. It's about black-out drinking and fucking strangers. Love and friendship and body hate and abuse, self-destruction, addiction and punk. I love this zine! So sad but also somehow redemptive and so powerful!

Shotgun Seamstress number 2: Everybody Say Love
“a zine by and for Black Punks, Queers, Misfits, Feminists, Artists and Musicians, Weirdos and the people who suuport us. This zine is meant to support Black People who exist within predominantly white subcultures, and to encourage the creation of our own." Reflections on hardcore in the '80's in DC when punk and reggae and/or gogo bands played on the same bill + how cool go-go was!!! Check it out!!!
Articles: Punk and Black are the same thing. Interview: with all-women psychedelic rock and roll band. Book Review: Letting it All Hang Out, by RuPaul. Culture Clash: dread meets punk rockers. + more!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

tons more new zines! + upcoming readings

I have a ton of new zines in the catalog! Check it out at

I'll be doing a couple readings in NYC in December - on the 5th at Pratt and on the 6th at the New School!