Monday, January 23, 2012

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The most powerful and hopeful zine I've ever read about incest survival, body memory, trauma and healing. Peregrine spent years writing it. It is not a raw testimonial, but an unfolding of his story, starting with his discovery that he was a childhood incest surviver, with intense body memories but not many specific fact memories - and the difficulties of belief and denial, within himself and his family.
So many men I know are sexual abuse survivors, and I have seen very few zines written by men about it. I know this zine will help so many people. It is great regardless of your gender!
I recommend this zine for everyone - regardless of whether or not you are an abuse survivor. It is an essential peice of writing for us all.

Ilse Content #10
Stories about how Alexis interprets and remembers Home. Beautiful, haunting, stream of conciousness style writting about her childhood homes, ghosts and dreams, the smell of her mother, pretending to be in Little Women, Her current house which makes her not want to run so far, preparing to move by preparing her heart and body for the home that will come along.

Hoax #6: Feminisms and communication
Another great issue of this zine! In this issue they "aim to explore these questions and others: 'How are knowledge/power transmitted though tone/words/body language? What makes us feel visible and what makes us feel silences or erased? How do we understand ourselves and how do others read us? How do we move forward after breakdowns in communication...." It includes a huge array of really excellent stories, articles and thoughts and critiques including "Academic Language and Power..." Slutwalk, "What Washed Faggot" and the invisibility of queer Asian literature, philosophy and theory, why it is not ok for people who aren't black to use the word Nigger, the idea of progress, and so much more!

Words Are Not Enough: Lip Service to Two Years Working With People in Crisis
This important zine is about working at a domestic violence shelter and a homeless families shelter: bearing witness to the people's stories and dealing with the ways the shelter system and staff members dehumanize the people who come there. Harsh and real and so necessary, it says "I want so much to know when shelters became so much like prisons..."
It ends with ideas on how to create shelters that provide support without becoming oppressive forces themselves. It says "What I'm looking for is a shelter system that is founded in radical thinking and in solidarity with other movments - one that is not just trying to rush-rush remedy a problem but one that is hoping to abolish the problem while giving people refuge and resources in the meantime."

Skinned Heart #3
The power of female friendships and support; fallouts and exploring the causes; sexism and wanting to learn from the collective pain and miscommunications; being a radical feminist in denial of the abusive relationship she was in; the loss of a few white friends; gardening; "I think a lot about punk and activism and the impression that each of those communities have left on me. I think about how much I have learned about people and communication.I think about how much my friends mean to me and how much they have meant to me. I can't imagine who I would have been if I had not come into contact with these people... I started to forget what I was all about. I really lost a sense of my own culture, my sense of Browness, and I forgot how to connect with people who weren't punks..."

Rot 1
People standing up to abuse. death of pet rat, father, friends, strangers in struggle. what do we do. murdered by cops, rapists, the systmatic murder of women in Ciudad Juarez. All tied together.
Beautiful poster-worthy drawing "Herbalist Bat Girl Conquers the Unexplained Panic Attack," and more.

High on Burning Photographs #8
This issue is mostly about a really hard breakup, the kind that just completly destroys any sense of self, and then starting to regain that self. Growing up in cycles of abuse and promising to oneself not to repeat those behaviors: "but maybe you've made a similar promise to yourself, and broken it, and if you ever have, maybe you know how awful it feels to realize that you can't fulfill it, that you are at a point where your deamons are eating you alive, where you can't ask for help or even realize that you need to ask for help, where you scared someone who genuinely loved you and wanted good things for you..."

Spellbook For Reckless Children
From London. Included in it is a beautiful, tiny zine with directions for an adventure which sounds totally fun (but requires that you live in a city with busses).
Living as kid near a high-security psychiatric hospital, "I'm not sure at what point my fear of people escaping turned into a fear of being the one not allowed to escape." Being expelled from highschool for vaguely talking about suicide and then sent away to boarding school. Feeling seen for the first time, and then that boy turning abusively jealous, "I told myself It's more likely I would kill myself without him that it is that he would kill me."
Finding an imaginary friend, collecting found objects, Zines and creating as a human need, not self-indulgent; and what bullshit the idea of what constitutes a "real" writer. Hope and magic.