Sunday, August 19, 2012

more new zines!

Hoax #7: Feminisms and Change
Another great thick issue! Exploring "What are our goals for ourselves and our communities? Which menthods do we use to gauge change and it progress ever quantifiable? In shwat ways do we knowingly and unknowingly showcase personal changes and how are these changes read by others?" includes a bunch of great essays and reflections! Includes: "Fat is Still A Feminist Issue," "White Activism as Performance," "Blood Alchohol Content: On Family, Assault, and Giving Up Drinking," and a whole ton of others great topics!

The Migraineur #1
A zine about living with Migraines. Scientific things and personal experiences, people misunderstandings, trying different medicines, being a parent, plus an interview with her mom who also suffers from migraines. I know a lot of people who get migraines and I know that it can be so debilitating and isolating! This zine helps to break down some of that misunderstanding and isolation.

Rot is beautiful and magical, combining mindblowing art that makes you feel with stories about being an "anti-capitalist anti-statist anarchist queer feminist artist punk tramp confused weirdo..." and "the love between gross girls wearing an ill-fitted leather jacket and having a weird hard time."

Dirty Thoughts In Church: the Bar
One of my new favorites! This issue is about the family owned bar she grew up in for 17 years in Canada, and the people there. It is conversations - which bring out a really complex feeling and sense of place, and sense of class and desperation, and love. I really love this zine.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Doris Anthology back in stock

I finally have copies of my first Anthology back in stock!! Doris zines #1 - 19!!!
order it at my website

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