Monday, September 24, 2012

People of Color Zine Reading

Reading and potluck at 7:30pm at Miguel's house 76 Central Ave.

Also!! Daytime Ohio University Event  4-6 pm

check out the facebook page here
Multi-media zine readings by Mimi Nguyen (Race Riot zine), Anna Vo (Fix My Head zine), Cristy Road (Greenzine) & Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress).

+ POC zine tabling, sales and swap (allies welcome!)

Ohio University
Morton 226
Athens, OH 45701
- located in the East Green, at coordinates I-5 on the campus map. It is marked as #78 on the map



POC Zine Project's mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share - community and activism through materiality. We are touring through 12 cities from Sept 24 - Oct 7.