Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a ton of NEW ZINES in the DISTRO

Everyday Magic #1
I love the struggle to bring magic into our political lives - figuring out ways to bring healing in to our lives and communities without neglecting the political or coopting cultures that are not ours. This is a great zine that does just that, talking about learning to pay attention to plants/ocean/self. "I want to practice a spritiuality where personaltransformation is tied to collective healing." They talk about belief systems and name changes and rituals, paganism and kitchen witch and ritual. some specific rituals they did. powerful small stories. This zine opens up so many possibilities.

Dangerous Damsels Feminist Fairy Tales
6 writers rewrite traditional fairy tales or write their own. They are well written and cool and sometimes scary. I love fairy tales, and love this zine. The small font is a little hard to read, but worth it. 

Motor City Kitty #19
I love this zine. It's collected stories about her family and her relationship to them, and different forms of grief, plus some lighter stories about music love and fandom. This zine has a really brave and powerful story about her father dieing of heroin overdose when she was 13 - and about their relationship - stories about him, about realizing he was an addict, and her working to accept his death. 

Corin zine and cd
An old-fashioned fan zine. Neely and Colleen from Mend My Dress Press, write about each song on this classic riot grrrl CD by Corin Tucker - and what memories and thoughts it brings. The zine includes the 21 track CD, which is amazing!

An Ire Adrift Songbook lyrics and stories by neelybat chestnut
Mend My Dress author makes a small zine about the band she's in, with the lyrics - songs about revenge, anti-christianity, incest survival and more. 

My Feminist Friends
I love good interviews! Despite the kind of feminism for beginners look to the cover, this zine is full of really thoughtful and good interiews, with questions like "when did you first realize you were a feminist?" to "How do you believe women in radical communities and movements can best combat sexism and/or anti-feminist sentiments displayed by comrades in struggle?" She interviews artists, a librarian, an anti-prison activist, academics, a union organizer and more. I think it is such a great way to explore different ways people come into feminist politics, how they use feminism to understand their lives, this world, and to make changes in the world. I love that she interviews her friends! I want to interview my friends too!

Sub Rosa #7: the sobriety issue
A small, intense zine. In her intro she says: "The point of this zine is to purge, to get it all out and attempt to move on ... This is my rise and fall, and my climb back up." At the time of writing, she had two years sober. It's a story of teenage drinking, getting married young, divorcing after 11 years full of him cheating; her drinking more, getting out of control, going to jail, and finally getting sober, and the pain and hope of it. 

how to buy 2nd hand guitars and amps without getting ripped off
Great simple information! Specific things to look at on guitars and amps, termanology, questions to ask. Procedes go to Girls Rock Southeast Ohio (rock camp for girls).

Telegram #26
Another great issue of Telegram. In this one, Maranda writes about gender, writing process, dealing with jealousy (creative jealousy - not just romatic), their history of agoraphobia/shyness/anxiety/eating disorder and figuring out ways to cope/deal with it - and SO MUCH MORE!

Rad Dad: zine compilation issues 1-10
I'm excited to read the first issues of Rad Dad zine! A great zine - compiling interviews, articles and stories about fatherhood and politics. 

Cheer The Eff Up #1
I love this zine - it's a sort of short story memoir zine, and hard to tell if the story is true or fiction or somewhere in between (I know the answer, but I'll keep it a secret). About living in a small place where all the punk kids and goth kids and metalhead and skinheads and nerds all hung out together - discovering that everything they'd been taught about race, sex, gender, class, food, history, politics and the environment was total bullshit, and all kinds of things follow. Funny and tragic and redemptive. 

Cheer The Eff Up #2
The second installment of this memoirish story zine I love so much - this one written by one of the people in the previous zine - Nikki Turtle. Stories of surviving rape, and deciding not to identify as victim or survivor, trying to make decisions about how to rebel or fit in, stories about about friendship and changes and adventures and neighbors - again, beautiful and tragic and also some tiny stories written to Cheer the Eff Up - Random moments and memories. 

Deafula #3
This issue is about employment and how her hearing loss related to her ability to work; being denied SSI (and how convoulted SSI is to begin with), job discrimination, personal fears, trying to figure out when to tell a potential employer that their deaf, bad customers, ways jobs worked or didn't work, wanting to be more assertive ... "it's hard to explain how it feels when the discrimination happens. it can make you feel so powerless..." 

Ilse Content Anthology
This is a beautiful book by one of my favorite zine writers Alexis Wolf. Named after her grandma Ilse, who survived the Holocaust, Alexis writes beautiful stories and poetic musings about the world, family, places, people, a sense of wonder. Highly recommended.

Hold Tight
A powerful personal zine about all kinds of things, but running through it all is a theme of anger - the way their father used anger, the way anger feels more powerful than vulnerability, what it masks, and how do you use what you know about the patterns of anger and use it in healthy ways so you never do what was done to you. Also anger at fake feminism/fashion feminism that doesn't confront or acknowledge priviledge or racism , anger at shitty jobs, fucked up culture. and I want to say that even though it is about anger, it feels so sad.