Thursday, April 23, 2009

doris reading

I'll be doing a reading on May 9, Saturday, at the Donkey here in Athens.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

new edition of doris anthology + do you want to help us on our land?

Oh! My new pressing of my old Anthology is out with a new cover that is so beautiful! If you lost your old copy, or is you've been meaning to get one for a present, maybe you should now! Look! you can order it from me - $13 by mail, cindy crabb pob 29 Athens OH 45701. or the website at
horray! also, we have a ton of work that we need to do on our land, so if you want to come out and help, let me know. If you are already my friend, call me. If I don't know you yet, we are hoping people who are self motivated and ok at being alone (or who have a friend to bring to keep company), who like camping - because we have this house but we are also very used to spending most of our time alone and so get a little crazy if people are around 24 hours a day. ... so we are looking for people to come for a week, who would want to help with gardening, house fixing, and a million projects. It would probably be like 5 hours of work a day. If you don't feel like you know how to do stuff, we can teach you stuff. send letter of something to me at pob 29 athens oh 45701.