Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here is a link to a blog about working in a center for domestic violence survivors:

today: working on the cover for the Encyclopedia of Doris, fixing the lightbulb in the dashboard of the car, trying to remember how to play the bass guitar.

Snarlas tour zine out! boring, like every other tour zine, but not quite as boring. It has SnarLibs, which are like MadLibs only Snarla related.

$3 SnarLibs pob 29 Athens OH 45701

Friday, November 27, 2009

new zines

Snarlas is playing at the Smiling Skull, Dec 8 with Not My Dog and hopefully Spooktober. Our record is actually out!

What I did this weekend: fed my neighbors sheep and dogs and chickens. and 8 puppies. Hopefully I am getting two. finally. dogs.

New zines in riotgrrrrdistro,

Gender Oppression, Abuse, Violence: Community Accountability Within the People of Color Progressive Movement
this is one of the best explanations of identifying and dealing with abuse within radical communities I've seen.
It is very straightforward, defining sexual harassment, sexual abuse/assault and intimate partner abuse,
talking about denial, minimizing, victim blaming, counter-organizing, and other ways people try to manipulate and get out of being accountable.
It has a great, detailed section on creating an accountablity process with the goal as "transformation toward liberation".


Taking Risks: Implementing Grassroots Community Accountability Strategies

written by a collective of women of color from Communities Against Rape and Abuse

this zine is a description of CARA's accountability guidelines for addressing sexual violence.
It's a great introduction to forming an community accountability structure.

the principles discussed are:

1.Recognizing the humanity of everyone involved. 2. Prioritizing self-determination of the survivor. 3. Identify a simultaneous plan for safety and support fo the survivor as well as others in the community
4. Carefully consider the potential consequences of your strategy. 5. Organize Collectively. 6. Make sure everyone in the accountability-seeing group is on the same page with their political analysis of sexual violence. 7. Be clear and specific about what your group wants from the aggressor in terms of accountability. 9. Consider help from the aggressor's friends, family and people close to the aggressor.
10. Prepare to be engaged in the process for the long haul.


Harlot, RN

a lot of my friends have been going into nursing school and becoming nurses lately, and I always think they should talk together because
they all have such intense experiences and feelings and I think it is such a great thing to be doing and I can't imagine working within the
established medical system and I am so glad when there are good people who are. So this is a zine by Megan, who is part of the "Down There" collective
and is now a nurse. This zine talks about how she ended up becoming a nurse, difficult things about it, union stuff, family stuff, and lots of other things, plus a sweet section on
plants she loves.

I love Megan and I love this zine.


The Zine Yearbook is a book with articles, stories, comics, and all that kind of stuff from lots of different zines. It's always great and it's a great way to find out about a lot of zines you don't know about.


pob 29 Athens oh 45701