Friday, June 4, 2010

new zines to distro

ok! New Zines to Riot Grrr Distro!

I think this zine would have made me less scared to travel, back when I was scared of the unknown. I wish there were more travel zines by girls and queers and trannies. In this one, Biz travels though 40 states. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or their band. There are small sweet stories of places and people and the things that make life.
2.50 u.s. 3.50 intl

Embarrazine! and When We Were Young
comics by my friends Max Wheeler and Chris Monday. Max's is about his dad's trip to Mexico in 1976, Chris's is about causing harmless trouble and having fun
very sweet comics. Max says "it's people's history!
2.60 u.s. 3.60 intl

Towards a Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle
1.50 u.s. 2.50 intl

Negrita #2
My friend Gloria wrote this zine a long time ago and it is still kick-ass. It has stories about hitchiking, about how many dudes interrupt and talk over and ignore women and what you can do to change it, how important it is to acknowledge racism and some fucked up things people have said to her, a story about girl competition, body image, fasting, and more. All very funny and serious.
1.50 u.s. 2.50 intl

Rad Dad 17
3.75 u.s. 4.30 intl

Ker-bloom! 83
Artnoose and 5 friends enroll in a med study for $1,000 they are infected with a cold virus and stay for a week in a hotel where doctors study their reactions.
2.00 u.s., 3.00 intl