Saturday, November 10, 2007

please sign this petition

please sign this petition to repeal the Hyde Amendment
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Petition to Repeal the Hyde Amendment
For nearly 35 years, women in this country have had the right to obtain safe, legal abortion care. However, bans on Medicaid coverage for abortion have taken away the ability of low-income women to exercise this right. Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment has prohibited federal Medicaid funding for abortion in almost all circumstances. The Hyde Amendment is fundamentally unfair:• Medicaid is the government-sponsored health insurance program for low-income people. The program ensures that people are not denied health care simply because they cannot afford it. The Hyde Amendment undercuts this guarantee, denying coverage if the care a woman needs is an abortion. • The Hyde Amendment denies women access to a medical service simply because they are poor. Too often, low-income women are forced to use money meant for rent, utility bills, and food to pay for an abortion. • Due to racial inequalities and the racial distribution of poverty, women of color and immigrant women disproportionately rely on Medicaid for their health insurance. Therefore, the Hyde Amendment especially burdens women of color and immigrant women. 30 YEARS IS ENOUGH! It is time for Congress to repeal the Hyde Amendment and restore Medicaid coverage for abortion. We must close the gap between the legal right to abortion and genuine access to care. I call on my Senators and House members to repeal the Hyde Amendment and ensure dignity and justice for all women.

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