Monday, December 10, 2007

research assistant for support + apoyo zine

OK! the Apoyo zine (the spanish translation of the support zine) is at the printers right now, and I'm wondering if anyone wants to work on compiling a list of rape crisis centers in the US. (we are working on getting it printed in Mexico City too, so that's next). We're trying to get it in to more centers, and also in to schools - so we need lists of colleges that have women's health centers, or rape prevention programs.
If anyone's interested in compiling information for a state or region, maybe you could post it here, so there won't be overlap of people doing the same place.
And thanks everyone for donating! We've raised $250 so far. I'll be sending all you donators some kind of presents when I get resettled.


doris zine blog. for website go to said...

ok. someone said they'd send me a list of state coalition contacts. so I guess now all we need is contacts for schools, or resource centers - or anywhere else it might be useful.

Unknown said...

Cool. I recently starting volunteering at both the DC Infoshop (which carries the zine and was where I found out about Doris) and the Rape Crisis Center here. I'll try to combine those two powerful awesome forces!