Tuesday, September 9, 2008

call for submission - zine on Physical Illness

This was sent to me by a friend of a friend. (it's not me putting it together, but it looks like a really great project!)

Call for Submissions on Physical Illness

I am currently seeking submissions for a zine/pamphlet on physical
illness. This project aims to give voice to the experiences of people
living with illness, serve as a resource for those who are diagnosed
with illness, and further the dialogue around issues related to support
and illness. While I am principally seeking submissions from those who have experienced or are currently living with a serious physical health problem, I am also very interested in submissions from those who have indirectly experienced illness: caregivers, community members, partners, family members, etc.

Some possible topics include:
Personal narratives of living with illness • Illness and support within left /
radical / DIY scenes • Intersections of race / gender / sexuality / class / culture and illness • Experiences with doctors, hospitals and treatments • Body image / identity and illness • Disempowerment / empowerment of illness • Mental health and physical illness • Suggestions for navigating the world of being a ‘patient’ • The experiences of being a caregiver • Suggestions for providing support to someone living with illness • Creating and sustaining community support networks • How life changes after a diagnosis • Living with multiple diagnoses • Illness as taboo •
Insurance • The financial burden of illness • Sex and illness • Illness and creativity • Illness and isolation • The invisibility of illness

The deadline for submissions is December 30, 2008.

Please be in touch with questions and submission ideas:

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