Sunday, October 5, 2008

asheville survivors art project

This is from Asheville NC Survivors group:

Shit you have always wanted to say.
So, many months ago when some friends and I started kicking around the idea of this art show we came up with an idea for a piece that we wanted to do. (IF YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE ART SHOW, GO TO MY BLOG- the art show info is under the R.A.W. project on the sidebar). Myself, Laura, and Anna Young are heading this thing up, but it lives on participation from multiple folks.
Here's the skinny-
We want to record you saying the shit that you have always wanted to say.... the things you would have screamed at your abuser, The questions you would have had for your aunt who knew what was happening but did nothing, The comebacks you had for that guy who objectified you on the street, The tears you have cried by yourself- all of it, any of it. It matters and deserves to be heard... in addition to the fact that it feels fucking rad to get that stuff out!
There is going to be a location near downtown Asheville where we can do the recording basically any time of day (nice and private). It can be video or just audio if you want. It doesn't have to be composed, or well thought out. It can be to many people about many events, the world in general, to one person, or a love letter to yourself-Whatever needs to come out.
Eventually it will be thrown together in some sort of audio video something-or-other.
If you know that you would like to participate, or want more details, contact me at

Thanks so much for considering participating. Please fell free to forward this to other folks as well.
much love
Lindsey Simerly

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