Friday, April 24, 2009

sister shuffle video

Here's a video of our band
for video click here


void said...

hey cindy, have you received a letter in your box with 5 dollars and a small letter requesting a few zines from me, haley manning?
just wondering because i sent it some time ago, it seems... and ive yet to get anything in the mail...
possibly it got lost?

hm... just let me know please

doris zine blog. for website go to said...

Hi Haley,
I don't know what happened! I lost it for a little bit, like I put it in my purse and then forgot all about my purse. But I just found it and just sent it out yesterday. I'm 90% sure it was to you. if you don't get it really soon, let me know.
ps. sorry!

void said...

oh good! I got it today. I do stuff like that a lot, I think it will be helpful to put all my shit in a purse so it doesn't get lost but then I just lose my purse and all of the stuff in it...
thank you very much,
i enjoyed reading them. as always.