Saturday, August 1, 2009

upcoming events

Here in Athens OHIO, we are doing a womens + transgender self-defense skill share on Monday Aug 17 6:00 at Highland Park. It is open to all, but please respect.

Our band, Sister Shuffle, changed it's name to Snarlas and are going on mini tour in August. Here's when. First, two shows in Athens:
Friday, Aug 21 Athens Ohio, at the Smiling Skull, with Stupid Party
Monday Aug 23 Athens Ohio, at the Union Bar, with Future Virgins and AD/DC

Asheville, NC Tuesday Aug 25
Chattanooga TN Wednesday Aug 26, at Toms house
Athens GA, Thursday 27, at the Hanger
Gainsville, FL, Friday 28, at Kickstand
Pensacola, FL, Sat 29, Sluggos.


boogabooga said...

hey, i'm from st. petersburg florida. just searched on the web to order more copies of your consent zine. and i found your blog. saw that u were coming to florida on tour w your band. there's a cafe here that is cool to activists and musicians, and especially musician activists. it's called cafe bohemia. and i was wondering if u wanted to have a show here. ??? u could stay at my place, or if u weren't comfortable w that, i think i could find some female friend(s) to put u up w at their place. let me know if you're interested and i'll talk to the cafe and see what days they have free...
peace and solidarity,
- jimmy

Anonymous said...

Yo sin-d,
Are you guys coming out to the left coast? Knead to see your band.
Justin from JC, TN - Tampa - SF now!