Wednesday, February 2, 2011

do you know any stores that carry zines?

I'm working on doing more selling zines direct to stores, and since I haven't been traveling around much lately, I need your help! Let me know if you know of any stores that carry zines! I already sell directly to some - like Woodenshoe, Red Emmas, City Lights, Powells, Bound Together, Needles and Pens, Downtown Books and News, Quimbys... but I know there are a lot more stores out there that I don't know about.


E.Conner said...

the long haul would love to buy some doris!!!

NoahH said...

You should contact Food for Thought in Amherst MA, Lucy Parsons Center in Boston, and the Meg Perry Center in Portland, ME!

Johnny Got Cancer said...

Try Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi. --Oliver

So Very Unhip said...

Atomic Books in Baltimore. Wait, I think they already carry Doris...?

Paul said...

Left Bank books in Seattle, I'm sure - although I think I've seen your zines there before.

kubb E bear, esq said...

monkeywrench and domy in austin

Unknown said...

Fischberger's Variety in Milwaukee, WI carries some zines.

Jeff said...

Hey Cindy,
I'd love to buy some Doris for my zine rack here in Montreal!
Also, try Venus Envy in Halifax and Ottawa, as well as The Beguiling in Toronto and the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax.

Jeff Ghost Pine

macho said...

Mondragon in Winnipeg

Alyssa said...

The Big Idea in Pittsburgh, PA.

shawn said...

Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis (took the place of Arise! Bookstore), right up the block from The Seward Cafe.

Unknown said...

The Red State General Store in Nashville would love to order directly from you!

My email is on the site

emily said...

in st louis, missouri:

apop (

cranky yellow (

starclipper (

Caity said...

Mayday in Minneapolis?

Unknown said...

in other words in portland, or
(hi cindy! its a (andrea) from avl. hope you are well!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris!

HUGE fan : D

Is there anyway I can email you with a question?


Anonymous said...

My apologies, in case you would prefer not to publicly advertise your email address, please feel free to email me at:

Wishing you nothing but the best!

MPS said...

It's been a while since I went there but Smash Records had a small rack with not enough zines on it.

Unknown said...

More Fun Comics in Ashland has a zine section, and I purchased a few issues of Doris there. They have a decent zine section and would probably love to buy some Doris.

More Fun Comics
105 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 488-1978

Word Wild Records said...

hey cindy, it's toby! boxcar books in bloomington will sell things on consignment. if you want, you could mail anything to me and i could bring them by there for you (or you could just come visit bloomington again!).

Sarah Johanna said...

I first found your zines at the Lucy Parsons Center in Boston. It's fabulous.

valXcore said...
Star Clipper is located at:
6392 Delmar Blvd. in the Loop!
St. Louis, MO 63130

valXcore said...
2831 Cherokee St., Saint Louis MO
63118 USA

melissa marie said...

in Madison, Wisconsin:

Rainbow Bookstore Co-op
426 W Gilman St
Madison, WI 53703-1009
(608) 257-6050

I have picked up Doris at Rainbow in the past, as they order from microcosm occsionally... josh is my friend and he's mentioned to me that he's like to bring in more zines...

A Room of One's Own Feminist Bookstore
307 West Johnson Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
(608) 257-7888


People's Books Cooperative
2122 East Locust Street
Milwaukee, WI 53211-3326
(414) 962-0575

... people's books also houses Broad Vocabulary in the basement, but they have been struggling...