Monday, March 7, 2011

summer tour

My band Snarlas is going on tour this summer out West! Late June, early July. Does anyone by any chance want to lend us your van or car? We're coming in to the Bay Area Mon 27, and then going South and back up to the Bay July 2. so that's one part.
then up North, to Portland (July 6) and up and back to Portland (July 11).
so, it would be really dreamy if someone in the Bay Area would lend us a van or car for the Southern part (June 27-July2), and if someone in Portland could lend us one for the Northern part(July 6 - July 11).
I know it's probably a long shot, but I just thought I'd ask.


Marc Arsenault said...

I might be able to help. Any chance you can do a couple shows with my band nickname: Rebel?

k. said...

i cant help my station wagon sucks but by chance do you have a show yet for san diego? id love to help you find a spot to play

doris zine blog. for website go to said...

Hi Marc! I'd love to play shows with you. What's your band like? We're touring with another band, and it seems like we might actually need a mini-van. I thought that their truck would fit 3 people and then we could borrow/rent a car for the rest, but it only fits 2. You don't have a van do you?

K - I HOPE we get to go to San Diego. I'm not sure yet, but will get back to you if we are!

thanks both of you!

Marc Arsenault said...

nickname: Rebel is more than a bit like Can - the German 70's prog band... with a bit of shorter pieces with lyrics borrowed from various and sundry situationists and similar ilk. Everyone seems to have horrendous schedules to deal with. We most often sound like this: or this

I have occasional access to a van that is somewhat reliable. It's been up and down the coast a few times and is based in Fremont, CA.

doris zine blog. for website go to said...

Do you want to see if it would work somehow? We are going to play in the Bay Mon June 27, Fresno 28, LA 29 and 30, Goleta July 1, then back to the bay. The thing is, we've already been booking the shows with Endemics, who are friends of ours. They have a truck we can haul around equiptement in, but it only fits 2 people, so we need space for 6 more people. I don't know how many people are in your band, if those dates would work, if they'd want to lend us the van if nickname Rebel can't come.... etc. What do you think?
Regardless, I'd love to see you!

Marc Arsenault said...

Weekdays! Might be tight for the boys. nickname: Rebel is currently a 4 piece. We can probably squeeze in a show or two on that run if you will have us. Schedules are always a bit hard to coordinate.

Me and the van, on the other hand might be persuaded to do some of the rest of it. try me at my real email marc [at] wowcool [dot] com

Marc Arsenault said...

If I can locate a new drummer by then (oops) we are fully in for any shows you can get us in on. Will likely be a three piece at most of them. We'll play short, intense sets, blow peoples minds, and scrape up the remains to make sandwiches. Or we could suck. But hopefully not.

Unknown said...

if you dont already have a show for portland lined up black rose infoshop is an awesome place to have it, they are a sober and safe(r) space and can be reached at cant wait!!

Ash said...

Are you coming to Eugene at all? It's 2 hours south of Portland. I know this is super last minute, but even if you don't arrange a show here, I would love to have you and your band over to my house for a meal. Please let me know! Ashley -- ashleyontwowheels at gmail dot com.