Wednesday, November 21, 2007

donate to spanish translation of support zine! (if you can)

Ok! I am just finishing putting together a Spanish translation of the Support zine, which is a zine about supporting survivors of sexual abuse. I am hopefully going to be getting some printed up in Mexico for some friends of mine there to pass around, and I could seriously use some help with printing costs. I need to raise about 1,000, so if you can donate, that would be really great. There is a page on my website about donating, at click here to donate

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Obama Bombs said...

do you have a PDF of this by any chance that I could print for free?

I am starting a zine box in my home town and in the more spanish part of town we want to be able to have a box that is exculsivly for spanish speaking people.

Since consent is never talked about anywhere we want to make consent an important part of the zine box. We have copies of learning good consent which were putting in all the enlgish speaking boxes.