Friday, November 30, 2007

liz allium? phoenix?

I am trying to find my old penpal Liz Allium, who used to live in Phoenix and now maybe in Portland? also, I'm trying to find out about places in Phoenix to live - a friend of mine is about to move there to apprentice with a midwife, and where she was supposed to move fell through. does anyone know? anything? that might be helpful???


liz allium said...

oh! it is easy to find me. hi Cindy!

I am imagining that the two parts of this entry are related. how can I help?

doris zine blog. for website go to said...

Oh! that was easy! Hi! Ok, the two things are connected, but also I was just wanting to be in touch with you because I like you and I was so crazy when I was in Phoenix, and I'm curious what you're up to, and I thought I was going to come to portland, but now it looks like I'm not. but I'd love to get your address so I can send you sweet postcards every once and awhile.
as far as the phoenix thing goes, I was just wondering if you know any collective houses - or any people there who might know people who might need a roommate. or even just general ideas about what part of town she should look in - for cheap rent.
I hope you're liking portland and that the roses are still blooming.
oh, you can email me at