Sunday, February 21, 2010

new zines for distro

New zines to the distro at riot grrrr distro

Toothworm #4: I, Turdshiner
My favorite zine I've seen in awhile. Disturbing and beautiful, small stories about injuries on the inside and out "Band-Aids won't stick to an ugly mouth of exposed tissue. Crisis is a mountain or a pyramid, do what you got to."
abuse and "is coping really a viable option". sex and puking and tour the lies we uphold. priveledge and queerness and what it looks like to watch her father sick from addiction and withdrawing. "Right and wrong, fear and love, beauty and ugly, safety and threat, care and coercion. All the hate that brought me here.
I read this zine and then put it down and then read it again, trying to get all the essence of it.
2.75 us, 3.60 intl

I'm Queer As Fuck and I'm Going to Carve a Space in Your Brain for Trannies
Two articles that are introducing trans issues, and talking about ways to be a trans ally.
One article is about pronouns, and the other is called Respect/Etiquette/Support, and discusses issues like Outing, Self-Education, Passing, Respecting Self-Identification, etc.

I forgot which zines I took this articles from, which is pretty inexcusable, but true.

.90 us and .90 intl if ordered with other zines

Tuff Town #2
pocket sized with pretty printed cover, hand sewn binding and full of care. Sweet stories like trying to take city busses from Goleta to LA and getting stranded we decided this was how we would tell if we could be friends with people or not;
whether or not they thought this was stupid
. A small, two girl bike trip along the ocean and it feels like the ocean, windswept with strange characters. She talks about not always talking about real tings because how can you? the horror of screaming alcohoic father and the same man closing his eyes when he plays Neil Young on guitar.

families, skateboarding, music, going to jail for dumpstering, the shitty unrealness of macho whiteboy politics and the realness of what is in our bodies, the realness of actual struggles for liberation.
1.60 or 2.40 intl

Don't Be A Dick
A zine about rape culture, male socialization, a critique of traditional porn, the importance of consent.
It is so important that guys start doing this work, and this is a really good introduction zine about these issues.
excerpt from intro: "This is a zine intended primarily for straight, non-trans men to do something about sexual violence and rape in their own lives. In a way, I'm writing this for my past self - I could have used something like this a couple of years ago..."

1.75 us, 2.60 intl

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