Thursday, February 21, 2008

books I need

Hi! I am about to start working on my political autobiography, which sounds kind of weird and self-important, but it's really more about the political stuff that has been going on in my lifetime than about me. But I have a lot of research I need to do, so if anyone has books about these subjects that they don't want anymore, let me know. You can send them to pob 29 athens oh 45701:

Alternative Schools in the 70's
Sanctuary Movement
US intervention in Central America
bombing of Granada
Anti-Aparthied Movement + US Divestment from S.Africa
Reganomics + funding cuts for artists
Deep Ecology + Social Ecology vs Deep Ecology
Judi Bari
Co-op Movement in Minneapolis (from the 50's or whenever)
Love and Rage
Gurilla Girls
Riot Girl Movement
Self-Defense Movement
Sex Wars (anti-porn vs pro-erotic freedom or pro-sex)
Media Representation of social movements since the 80's
James Bay
Prarie Island
Punk (espcially 80's and 90's punk stuff)
Straight Edge Movement
Fetal Subjectivity
Rise of the Christian Right - especially about their tactics getting on school boards, etc.
Clinic Defense
Beginnings of the WTO, World Bank and IMF - or overviews of how all that developed
Identity Politics
Class Identity and the shrinking of US Middle class
Free Trade + US companies moving to Mexico, etc
500 Years of Resistance
Food Not Bombs
Autonomen (I don't know how to spell it - German radicals)
Squatting in US
Zines (I don't want a bunch of zines, because I have tons, but maybe a book about them)
War on Drugs
War on Terror
Incarceration of African-Americans + the Prison Industrial System
Iraq Wars

I know there's a lot I'm forgetting right now. It'll all come together better once I'm in the writing.


karen o.e. said...

Hey! I live in St Paul and this week's City Pages has an article about the ARA movement in Minneapolis. It has some title like Skinheads at Forty - antiracist action in minneapolis.

doris zine blog said...

Oh, I would love to see that article! Do you think there's any chance you could send it to me? I'll send you something sweet in return!
cindy pob 29 Athens oh 45701

beth said...

I don't really have any books on these topics, just a comment on U.S interventions in Central America. In my Spanish class a few days ago we watched a documentary called "The Panama Deception". Basically I had NO idea that the United States invaded Panama and killed 4000 civilians, burned down neighborhoods, etc. for no motive other than to test out new weapons. And insure that U.S. interests would be protected.

I'm 18 and am pretty sure that people my age and younger have no knowledge of the war in Panama or of any other interventions in that region. It's sad.

Tiger Claw said...

That list is nuts... OK maybe just so... much... a little general, I guess? I dunno. Would love to help. I see you have an Ohio POB. I have been working on a care package for you... probably way not as good as the last one. You're making me wish I held onto alot of the stuff I shed if you can actually put it to use. I'll look again.

XO Marc A

Suzy said...

Hi Cindy!!
This project is going to be so amazing. Not to put pressure on you! I am excited about it.

A bunch of good Love and Rage stuff is at

There is also some minneapolis anarchist history at

I've been looking for a handout about feminist group process that Caty gave me when we were first at college and I wanted to have no facilitation at the women's center meetings. She was totally right and taught me so much. I want to find the handout for a big study group i just started. Also the new SDS has a great group here in philly and i think they'd love to see it. do you have a copy or know where i can find one?

Also, i want to recommend looking at this amazing funny video if you have access to internet connection that can show you a video... it's about the little hater in your head that keeps you from doing your creative work.

Hope you are doing well and loving life!
Love, Suzy Subways

Suzy said...

oh shoot, 2 of those urls didn't come through, let me try again --


you'll just need to cut and paste the urls in, instead of clicking on them