Wednesday, February 6, 2008

how to built stuff

sometimes i used to not build things because I thought I didn't know how. Now I have been building things for a long time. I don't know if you can tell how crooked this is, but it is very crooked. who cares. it stands up. here is how you do it. find wood. cut it. if you use a circular saw and you have long hair, make sure not to get your hair in the moving sawblade. cut little strips of wood for the shelves to rest on. If you are hammering them in or screwing them in and the wood keeps splitting, drill holes first. the holes should be a little smaller than the nails or screws. I totally recomend this drilling step. It takes away a lot of frustration.
measure, or just put everything near eachother and guess.
to make it not so tippy, put a board going diagonal against the back, and then screw this into the wall.

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Sarah said...

i love your bookshelf! sometimes i totally forget i can just build what i need. recently i found an old crate behind some grocery store and screwed some wood pieces as shelves, voila! half an hour and a bookshelf, altho not nearly as tall as yours.