Sunday, February 24, 2008

study + friends

I remembered, when I can't figure out how to get my head to work, study always helps. Active reading, taking notes, thinking hard about things outside myself.

I have been thinking about how much nicer it is when we tell eachother what we like about eachother. I seriously think hardly any of us get enough acknowledgement, and a lot of times we focus on the negative things about our friends, or if we think our friends are great, we compare ourselves to them and think we suck. but why? So many of us feel so lonely and unappreciated and self hating, so I want to recommend that we start practicing telling eachother what inspires us about eachother. a lot.


beth said...

Agh. It really bothers me that I have as many negative thoughts about my friends and myself as I do. Thank you for posting this because I'm sure it's an issue a lot of people are familiar with.

cubbie said...

friend acknowledgment is a big part of who i try to be... but it's hard to remember sometimes, even then!

(ps, um, hi, i'm cubbie. i used to have left shoe zine distro, which carried your zine just before we disbanded... and i've written you a confessional letter or two... and i recommend your zine and the book of your zines to everybody pretty much... and i work in a used bookstore in san francisco (dog eared books on valencia & 20th) and we keep getting new issues of your zine, brought in by somebody-- on days i'm not working!!! :-( i've heard that it's actually you that's bringing them in, but i'm not sure if that's physically possible... anyway... we're sold out again, maybe someday i could actually meet you and totally geek out and embarrass myself, and i'm really excited that you are writing what you're writing because it's so important. thank you.)