Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ladyfest Syracuse NY

I'll be speaking at Ladyfest in Syracuse NY on Feb 20, and hopefully Snarlas will play too. They need more bands and maybe more speakers, so if you want to get in touch with them, here's contact info: or

also, if anyone has contacts for Ithaca NY, for punk shows or speaking at Cornell, let me know.

other upcoming events:
Snarlas shows: Jan 11 with Can Kickers, Hello Shitty People, and Frozen Teens, at the Smiling Skull, athens ohio

Jan 13, Snarla's in Pittsburgh, (I don't know where) with Hello Shitty People and Frozen Teens and more

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Daniel Portland said...

Dear Cindy,

I write as a member of the Brooklyn-based Birdsong Collective (

Part of the zine we put out is this column called "5 on It." We do five interviews an
issue (to coincide with five questions) and each issue comes out
every other month. We'd love to hear from you. Hit me up if you're interested and/or willing. It is fun! I promise.

Over and out,