Sunday, December 6, 2009

new zines in

what I've been doing: chainsawing. waitressing. Planting garlic. Getting ready to get two puppies and two sheep.

New Zines to the distro at

Skinned Heart This is a beautiful and intense personal and political zine about racism, feminism, child abuse, rape, mental illness, cultural appropriation and a bunch of other life things. This is the kind of zine that first got me into zines and that I don't see enough of these days - that takes personal experiences, sees them through a political lens, and makes you feel, not just think.

2.50 u.s. or 3.60 intl

Cometbus #53

Cometbus was the first zine I ever read. It is stories, social commentary, interviews, mini-novels, punk. This issue is half Aaron Cometbus's writing and half Maddalena Polletta. Aaron has an interview with the founder of PUNK magazine, back in the very beginning of punk. and a couple stories, one of which mentions the time I stole a car to come visit him.

Maddalena's stories are about her mom dieing and the aftermath. Very beautifully written. Bleak and stunning.

3.75 u.s. or 4.50 int'l


Marc Arsenault said...

Fuck comments and blogs.

Big hearts, flowers and chalkmarks on that. Anything else relevant I'll have to tell you in person.

v said...

just spent a short train ride with that issue of cometbus as well as #27 of doris... wondered in my nosy brain if the two writers (ac and u) know one another. both zines made me smile and tear up. so grateful for both.

Coco Negro said...

hey i noticed there was a blog post about joe biel that got deleted- i was wondering why? i didn't get to read it but it seemed like it was very relevant and useful information.

Francis said...

has anyone read anything else Maddalena has written? at first the 9 monthes was almost too bleak for me. but by the time i finished 53 her writing gave me chills in a very wonderful way.