Saturday, December 26, 2009

new zines to distro

New Zines to Riotgrrrrdistro!

New To Everything #8
Sometimes I wish I wrote a zine just like this one, and maybe sometime soon I will. It's quarter sized, so it fits in your pocket, and it has little stories a couple pages long each, about various things; her dad's motorcycle, listening to the oldies, the feeling of being on the way to somewhere or something. Each story is self-contained, sweet and insightful. It reminds me to want more stories from the people I know, to know them better.
It reminds me of what is good in life.

The Visible Woman
I love this zine! Written by a woman in her 50's, it's about how older women are turned invisible by our society. She says, "In some ways it's oddly restful, but when I think about it, it makes me angry. I don't want to be invisible anymore."

A How To Guide on Starteing a DIY Events Calendar (in your town)
This zine is by Leanne of New to Everything and it is pretty self-explanitory. It has examples of different towns calendars, and a bunch of tips and a bunch of inspiration!

Tuff Town #1
I'd like to hang out with Naomi. Her zine touches on so many things I think about - wanting to stay in a small town but also wishing there were more than a handful of people to keep projects going; wanting to believe in ghosts; wanting to be accountable to her neighborhood; violence against queers; how fucked up it is when "radicals" try to dismiss the real shit in our lives (like class, race, gender violence) as "personal issues"; all kinds of things, written in an urgent and articulate way.
1.60 or 2.40 intl

Totally Rich
Throw out all the anarchist theory and just read this zine! It is a cutsy story about one morning when the trees started growing money and noone had to do anything for money anymore and could just do meaningful work.
It is written by the Second Maine Militia, which includes Carole Chute, author of The Beans of Egypt Maine
2.85 or 3.60 intl

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