Monday, August 9, 2010

call for submissions - Substance: on addiction and recovery


Substance: On Addiction and Recovery is a collection of peoples’ experiences with addiction and recovery in radical and/or marginalized communities. Not just a text to break the silence, Substance is an opportunity for those affected by substance abuse to make meaning of our lives and create opportunities for lasting social change. Substance: On Addiction and Recovery will be a book that transcends the mainstream discourse regarding addiction and recovery and forges new pathways towards healing and the reclamation of our lives.

I am open to essays, poetry, personal narratives, photography, art, comics, collage, and more.

Please be in touch with questions and submission ideas: substancebook at gmail dot com!

Potential topics:
• personal narratives of addiction and/or recovery • support groups • radical sobriety • harm reduction • silence and stigma • withdrawal and detoxification • the intersections of race/class/sexual orientation/gender identity/disability status and addiction • creating and sustaining community support networks • how addiction intersects with activism, sexuality, health, sexual and intimate partner violence, mental illness, privilege, oppression, identity, capitalism, the state, work, and
creativity • current or historic examples of community-based groups that focus on the politics of addiction or support of community members • healing from addiction • self-medication • overdose and death • incarceration and criminalization •

In addition to pieces by individuals, I'd like to include a few pieces about the work that community-based groups have done to address the politics of addiction and recovery and to support those dealing with substance abuse. If you are a member of such a group, please feel free to write.


Additionally, if you know anyone who would like to donate funds of any amount to support the printing of this book, please have them contact substancebook at gmail dot com!

Please forward this message on, and spread the word!

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Jackie said...

hello cindy!
jackie wang here.
long time reader of your zines.
i've always wanted to share my zines about hard femme and mixed-race identity with you...maybe one day.

i have a quick question about this compilation. i am currently writing a feminist analysis of ortherexia, which is a term that refers to a destructive obsession with eating healthy and consuming the right foods. i am writing about how i became addicted to eating the "right" foods, how this sense of total self-control created a high feeling that ecouraged me to set more and more limitations on my diet until it consumed my thoughts and became intimately tied to my sense of self-worth. would such a discussion fit into the substance book? if so, i'd like to submit a piece. feel free to email me at loneberry at