Saturday, August 14, 2010

upcoming Snarlas shows

Here's where we're playing....
Aug. 19 Pittsburgh with Surrender. at Zach's house. I'm not sure of the address
Aug 20 (maybe)Athens OH 35 Brown St
Sept 16 Baria KY, maybe
Sept 19 Ida work party, Tennesse (they need more people to come to this work party. check it out at
Sept 21 Chatanooga - probably at Sluggos
Sept 23 Asheville NC, Buccannen St house (I don't know how to spell it)


riotaccordion said...

Hey cindy, it's michael from baltimore.
I was just thinking about you real hard.
I'm studying gen5, transformative justice, and somatics for school
maybe we can talk about it some time?
Also its funny i'm so close to where
the institute used to be.

alex wrekk said...

Looks like I'll be missing you by one day in Asheville on my zine tour. We're reading on the 22nd.

doris zine blog. for website go to said...

Michael! I just don't correspond with people this way! call me!! I miss you and would love to talk with you!!!