Sunday, April 6, 2008

e. coast tour

I'm going on reading tour in June with Erick Lyle, (formally Iggy Scam) who has a new book coming out on Soft Skull Press called On The Lower Frequencies:The Secret Life of Cities, Hopefully this is what it will be:

June 11 Baltimore Red Emmas
June 12 DC the Black Cat
June 13 NYC Bluestocking Books
June 14 Philly A Space
June 15 Brooklyn, Goodbye Blue Monday, on Broadway near DeKalb
June 16 Brattleboro
June 17 Boston Lucy Parsons
June 18 Providence RI
June 19 Amherst

also, here a link to Ericks book
On The Lower Frequencies


beth said...

You should make a trip to Lansing MI sometime. We have a couple good places (cafes, community centers, little bookstores) for readings.

Hope and Luke said...

Hey Cindy. I found you in cyberworld. It is great to think of you and check out what you are doing. I was looking for you sister; i dreamed of her last nite. take care and if it is ok i will send a letter to her thru your po box unless you want to share her info w/ me.
from Hope and Luke(now also Delta and Demetrius)

KW said...

Hey, do you all need help with the Brooklyn date? Or do you have that covered?

Christine said...

Hi Cindy!

I haven't seen your blog for a while. Would you have time to try to meet after Amherst if you're still going there? I could drive over to where you are probably.

Also, I left a message on Caty's cell (is that a good way to get ahold of you? I have trouble keeping track...) about maybe visiting you guys in your state in late June. Give me a call or email me when you get a chance!