Sunday, April 6, 2008


Oh, Ohio. We thought we had found home real home. and then what happens? they are opening up power plants and remining everything for coal. Here, where most people don't own the minerals under thier land so the companies can come and take it all out from under you, wreck the water table. ruin everything.
so where? where now?


Mattie said...

There's hope.

Meigs Citizens Action Now!

Mountain Justice Takes on King Coal in Columbus

SaraRoseUp said...

Hi Cindi --

This is Sara D. I just moved from Athens up to Yellow Springs/Dayton area. I finally checked out your website and am looking forward to reading more of your words. I also wanted to link you to my blog, which I have been working on slowly over the past couple months. It's been so good to write on a regular basis.

I really hope you and Caty stick around Ohio. But, after leaving the area, I am also feeling less hopeful (though for different reasons) about really being able to follow my dreams in that particular part of Ohio. Not sure what it all means. But trying to just be open to whatever comes my way rather than trying to control the outcome with my rigid ideas of what I SHOULD be doing. Anyway, take care of yourself. I will be in touch --

Sara d