Sunday, April 6, 2008

sobriety zine

Call for Submissions

Being Sober
This is one of my favorite definitions of sober:
showing self-control
I know plenty traditionally "sober"/straightedge folks
that do all sorts of terrible self righteous
compulsive bullshit and plenty friends who drink and
are on top of their shit. I'm interested in people who
make the conscious decision to be present, responsive,
and accountable to themselves, their partners, their
family their community and communities at large. It's
up to you to decide what you need and can handle.

Having Fun
In my experience this responsibility is overwhelming
some times. Being sober can seem really constraining
when everyone seems to do things so easily when drunk.
things get awkward some times but I have learned how
to fuck, speak, listen, consent, dance, play, read,
socialize, scream, run from cops and be free since I
got sober 6 years ago. Right now I love being
supportive to my friends, reading autobiographies by
strong women of color, gardening and drinking
dumpstered tea.

What do you like to do?

I'm excited by your stories and comics about doing
what you love while being sober. This could be about
yr past, present or future exploits.

send me yr submissions to
2921 Hilligass ave
Berkeley CA 94705

5 x5 1/4 format
or email them to and I'll make
em pretty

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