Saturday, April 26, 2008

scene not heard zine

Call for Submissions

Scene Not Heard Zine
Sexism in Punk, Activist and Radical Communities
Is accepting submissions . . .

Some ideas (by no means limited to):
personal stories
art/creative writing/poetry
histories and institutional memories (stories about your scene/community)

body image
sexism and sexual harassment at activist gatherings
standing up to the patriarchy through art, organizing, music, zines etc.
violence/sexualized violence towards all genders
punk music and mosh pits: dismantling and reinforcing gender, patriarchy, sexualized violence, and expectations of manhood
sexism and sexual harassment in the activist community that formed in New Orleans after Katrina
'manarchism': who has access and who sets the group agenda
radicalism as a means of empowerment vs. scene cred dictating values and new social norms

I am looking for a wide-range of viewpoints and opinions. Queer/trans individuals, people of color, women and men and everyone and everything in between!

Email submissions/questions/ideas to:
Please get them in by: July 1st

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