Monday, April 28, 2008

tour etc

So, does anyone on the East coast have a car or truck they'd want to lend me and Erick for our little East Coast tour in June? I know it's long shot, but just thought I'd ask.

what I have been reading: The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion
what I have been promoting: friendship dates
what I've been doing: eating salads made of flowers. edible food hike camptrip.
what I've been planning: song share, pond party cookout for Mid May.
what's a song share? it's when everyone picks a few good songs for singing together and then makes photocopies of the lyrics and then you all get together and learn the songs so you can sing songs together which is something that is so great to do.


timothy said...

hi cindy! i once hosted something like a song share, except we called it a music and food potluck. two junes ago. a beautiful night full of singing. this reminds me that i want to have another one soon.

sida 2008 said...

hi Cindy!
when are you coming to Philly?
looking forward to it!

Lazy Rani said...

song share! sweet! what me and my roommate started last month is weekly music skill share for beginners. we have banjo, accordion, many guitars, and once a fiddle. and we sing each time--most of us never have sang outloud before and most of us are very casual acquaintances (almost strangers). it's good.